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Celebrate St. Patrick

Patrick spent his youth as a slave in Ireland. He escaped, but only to return to bring God's Word to the very people who enslaved him. His faith and commitment in hard times is a true example of the way that God still calls His people to grow and to bless others through our suffering.  

Those who wish to pay homage to St Patrick on 17 March could attend a parade, don an outlandish green costume or swig a pint (or several – twice as much Guinness worldwide is consumed on St Patrick’s Day than on any other day of the year). All of this would be completely foreign to Patrick. An alternative way to celebrate the saint's legacy, however, is far more peaceful and spectacular: visiting the sites where he brought Christianity to Ireland and its colourful people – including mighty hilltops, vast mountains and exquisite lakes.

A tour leading you through Patrick's confession, his life story and the spectacular sites associated with him will inspire you to follow God's call in your own life. EdenGate Patrick tours are less about celebrating Ireland's patron saint and more about celebrating the one in whom Patrick put his trust - Jesus. We are convinced... Patrick wouldn't have it any other way! 

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