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EdenGate would be absolutely delighted to arrange every detail of your itinerary, tailor made to your every need.  We don’t prescribe any particular golf tours, but rather provide you with information relating to a number of Irish golf courses which we know are worthy of you making the trip to Ireland.  We have no hesitation whatsoever in heartily recommending each and every golf course, listed in this section, for your consideration and enjoyment.  Please peruse the details, images and videos of each beautiful and varied golf course, and do not hesitate in letting us know which courses you’d love to play.

We sincerely desire that you have the most enjoyable time in Ireland, and would therefore recommend that you stay in one particular area during your time here, in order to maximise your time playing our courses, and enjoying all that the area you’ve chosen has to offer.  Then, having returned home and told your family and friends about your positively memorable experiences, plan to return and play the courses in another area of this beautiful island.

However, if you would like to play courses in two or more areas, listed in this section, during your next trip to Ireland, we would be more than thrilled to arrange your itinerary.

Ireland is a land of rich history, stunning scenery, and a people famous the world over for their warm personalities and homely hospitality.  Whichever area of Ireland in which you choose to play golf, you are sure to meet many characters, enjoy marvellous food, share many memorable experiences, and return home with numerous wonderful stories.


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