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Whether you are a professor or a student, why sit in a classroom when you can step back in history and experience so much for yourself? Ireland is one large outdoor classroom, packed full of rich educational experiences, stunning vistas and an historical past, all of which is just waiting to be explored!

We specialise in faith-based study tours of Ireland. We are keen to partner with faculty staff in order to enhance your course by taking your students on a tailor-made, credited study tour of Ireland. As a local Irish-based company, we promise to give you and your group an unmatched experience—from beginning to end.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about any of the hard parts yourself. EdenGate partners with teachers and faculty members to provide resources, give support from beginning to end and help you build your own course-specific Irish study tour.

We can arrange study tours or courses on many aspects of Irish life and culture. We have particular expertise in arranging on-site academic and/or cultural seminars in the areas of Irish church history, Celtic theology and spirituality, C.S. Lewis, St. Patrick, Gaelic culture, peace, conflict and reconciliation studies, Irish politics and ‘the troubles’.  In all of our study tours we are keen to connect students with the locals so that they can have an authentic and memorable Irish study experience.

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    I just completed a 15-day tour with EdenGate: six university students and I were led throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland on the most iconic overseas trip I've ever taken. I can't say enough how much I recommend EdenGate for university group travel.

    Testimonials Dawnette


Our experienced staff can help you devise the content of your programme to meet the academic requirements of visiting faculty. Our lecturers include professors, journalists, leading critical commentators, playwrights, musicians, film directors, Nobel laureates and even past presidents! We also provide classrooms and other teaching facilities.

Field trips give a physical and cultural context to any study of Ireland. Whether it's a visit to the Irish Parliament or a Neolithic burial chamber, court sessions or artists' studios, we tailor field trips to complement your particular programme. We are particularly keen to help you take advantage of your locations by providing on site lectures.

Traditional music sessions, poetry readings, theatre performance, film screenings, acting workshops, gallery visits and the essential literary pub crawl are among the many cultural activities you can choose to add to your programme.

Accommodation is carefully selected to suit the budgetary requirements of each group, and provision is always made for faculty housing. The USIT group also includes the Kinlay House network of budget hostels in Dublin, Cork and Galway, campus apartments at University College Dublin and The Harding Hotel, Dublin.

If you don’t have an entire semester or year to dedicate to study abroad and you just want to travel, then a study abroad tour is perfect, go for a week, two weeks, or a month. It is totally up to you! There are many companies out there that allow you to sign up for trips with many other students from around the country.

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