1. Why have a policy?

Customers that use EdenGate Travel Ltd have an expectation of the service we provide. It is important that you know what to expect from us in terms of service so that you can measure whether we are successful or not. As a family run faith-based Travel Agency / Tour Operator we provide a very specific travel service and employ a small number of staff. It is important that all of our staff understand and deliver the same high quality service irrespective of the area that they work within the EdenGate family.

2. Our Customer Charter

EdenGate Travel Ltd aims to be a faith-based organisation that puts the needs of the customer first. Our staff are committed to providing a responsive, caring and professional service.

We promise to:

Act in a professional manner and be polite at all times
Deal with your enquiry promptly or explain the reason for any delay
Listen to you and ask for your views
Keep our promises
Be open and honest and explain our decisions
Apologise when we make a mistake and put things right
Accept your right to complain and guarantee a full investigation and considered response
Treat you and your data with respect

We would like you to:

Give us the information we need to help you
Treat all our employees appropriately and with respect
Help us to improve by giving us your views and suggestions
If we don't do as we say in this charter, please tell us.

3. Our customer standards

We aim to:

Answer the phone as soon as possible, normally within 8 rings before being forwarded to voicemail to leave a message. 
Return your call within one working day if you have left us a message
Reply to letters within 10 working days
If your query can't be dealt with within 10 working days we will contact you to explain why and give you timescales
Acknowledge emails sent to info@edengatetravel.com within 48 hours and respond fully within 10 working days
Respond to complaints within 15 working days

Other commitments:

Resolve your query at the first point of contact or provide you with the details of who can help, together with timescales
Communicate in plain language
Make sure our accommodations and service providers are of a good to excellent standard
Provide identification on request

What we ask of you:

Treat all of our staff with courtesy and respect, avoiding unacceptable behaviour
Give us the information and documentation we need to help you
Help us by telling us when we do not meet your expectations, giving your views and suggestions

4. How will we monitor this policy?

We will:

Make it easy for you to make a complaint, comment or suggestion
Monitor complaints to ensure we learn from our mistakes
Monitor our performance against these standards and policy
Train and support our staff in providing ongoing and improved customer service
Use customer surveys to regularly gather customer feedback

Tour specifics: 

We serve our customers by providing: 

Up-to-date information and advice
The information about Ireland travel that we provide will be as up-to-date, accurate and objective as we can make it. Although we are very proud of our country, we're also honest. If something isn't as good as it should be, we'll tell you - we don't want you to be disappointed. If you want very specific information, we'll try to find it for you.

Close contact and quick response
From the first time you contact the EdenGate team until your arrival in Ireland, we'll be on hand to provide information or respond to your queries.

Our standard practice is to respond to initial enquires within 1 to 2 working days. If it's a complicated matter, we'll respond immediately to tell you how long it will take.

Throughout your stay in Ireland, you'll be able to contact our head office in Northern Ireland, County Down from early to late, Monday to Friday.

We'll also provide you with a 24hr mobile 'phone contact number in case anything unforeseen crops up.

Your own personal tour operator
Once we've made contact, you’ll be allocated your own personal tour operator. An EdenGate team member will work with you to design your itinerary and make the necessary arrangements, keeping you informed at all stages. From your arrival in Ireland to the time you leave, a member of the EdenGate team will monitor what is happening and re-check arrangements in advance to ensure that every element in your holiday runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Fair prices with no hidden extras
We apply a standard margin to all our tours. The amount we add is calculated to cover our costs and generate a modest profit, and never exceeds 20%. This applies to the agreed itinerary only - if you require help with, for example, a dinner reservation or arranging a ticket for an event at the theatre, we won't add anything extra to the price quoted by the restaurant or box office.

If you ask us to make hotel bookings only, the prices we quote will always be competitive and fully inclusive of all taxes and service - no hidden 'extras'. If you want to visit workshops or commercial outlets, there will be no obligation or pressure for you to buy anything – EdenGate does not make deals to receive commission.

The money you pay will be secure
Protection for worldwide clients:
For worldwide clients, when you book a tour with EdenGate, the contract will be between yourself and EdenGate Travel Ltd. (Nortehrn Ireland, UK)


Concerned about your privacy? We are!

Your e-mail address or any other information you give us is used only for correspondence relating to your holiday or tour – EdenGate doesn't rent, trade, or sell the personal information you provide.

If you send us a request for information, an itinerary, or a booking, we'll assume you're willing to provide the personal information that we require to design and manage your holiday or tour.

With the exceptions of breaches of UK and/or international law and immigration regulations, and information necessary for sub-contractors to fulfil their responsibilities, anything you tell us will never be disclosed or made available to any third party without your willing permission.

After your tour, we'll contact you to ask for your opinions and comments about your experience of travelling with EdenGate Travel. Apart from seeking information to improve the quality of our services, we'll ask your permission to quote a sentence or two on our web site in a way that ensures your anonymity. The decision to assist us in this way is entirely yours – our request doesn't place you under any obligation.

Should any changes to this policy be necessary, they will be posted on this page.

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